• LUMINOR DUE: italian style

    A challenging achievement of the new millennium, in keeping with the Panerai character, the Luminor Due continues its process of evolutionary adaptation. Technical, functional and formal. A landmark.

    Perpetuating a traditional aesthetic signature by projecting it into the spirit of today. Maintaining creativity as it takes a new approach. In keeping with the genetics of the Luminor Due family, Panerai remains unconventional in its attitude and its predisposition. The new watches have been mechanically redesigned in terms of size and consequently they are innovative.



    Naturally inclined to change, today the Luminor Due with its new content is acquiring a more pronounced identity. Leading the way, on the one hand there are three new models sharing the brushed titanium of the case and the blue satiné soleil finish of the dial. On the other hand there are three updated models of varied character, embodying a consistent array of style and versatility. All of them are united in being fitted with mechanical Manufacture movements and quickly changeable straps. Each one is original, and therefore part of a new chapter in the modern history of the brand.

    Substantially thinner while completely respecting the classic design. A perfect historic compromise, the elegant proportions of the Luminor Due now appear in three striking new models, which confirm their innovative identity through an iconic dial on which only the Panerai logo appears. With the clear message of its unequivocal personality, its formal sophistication and its eclectic Italian style, the Luminor Due is continuing its bold exploration of unknown territories. And through structural improvements its range of features is becoming wider. In terms of materials, a Luminor Due 38 mm (PAM00926) appears for the first time in titanium. As for combinations, a Luminor Due – 42 mm (PAM00927) is the first model of its size to associate a titanium case with an automatic mechanical movement. So far as solutions are concerned, the Luminor Due GMT Power reserve – 45 mm (PAM000964) is Panerai’s first “45 mm” watch, and it has an interchangeable strap with the Quick Release system.



    Distinctive refinement, expressed in a more evidently informal character, is however the key to interpreting the three new Luminor Due watches perfected in the 38 and 42 mm sizes and offered with a stainless steel or GoldtechTM case. Common to all are the radically revised dial designs, sophisticated and elegant with printed Arabic numerals and numbers while fully realising Panerai’s iconic level of visual language. The new style is complemented by the wide choice of personal leather straps which is available.




    In the perpetual pursuit of perfection, that of the Luminor Due is reflected in the careful refinement of the movement. The Manufacture movement is strictly mechanical, rigorously following Panerai’s demanding specifications, but from now on it will exclusively have automatic winding. This requirement is dictated by practical considerations, the need to reconcile the watch’s physical and aesthetic design with the challenge of dimensions, the main characteristic of the collection. This was the reason behind the introduction of the new P.900 Calibre with its thickness of 4.2 mm, one of the thinnest automatic movements produced at the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel. It is the first Panerai automatic watch of this diameter to have both a date display and a power reserve of three days, a fundamental solution it shares with the Luminor Due – 38 mm (PAM00926 – PAM1043 – PAM1045) and the Luminor Due – 42 mm (PAM00927 – PAM1046). Even greater mechanical sophistication is to be found in the P.4002 Calibre used in the Luminor Due GMT Power Reserve – 45 mm (PAM000964). Twin time zones with dial-side power reserve indication and a 24-hour display with am/pm indicator are incorporated in a movement just 4.8 mm thick.


    Kaliber P.4002


    Genetically predisposed to change, these new Luminor Due watches are supplied with interchangeable straps equipped with the Quick Release system. They are water-resistant to 3 bar (a depth of about 30 metres).







    Discover the Luminor Due Modelle as well as the whole collection of Panerai in the Boutiques in Zürich and Lucerne .





    The sixth model of the anniversary collection shows the moon by day and by night

    In 2017, with the LANGE 1 MOON PHASE, A. Lange & Söhne took a new approach to depicting the moon phases by combining the eponymous astronomical display with a day/night indicator. To mark the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the LANGE 1, it is now being presented in an exclusive 25-watch limited edition in white gold with blued steel hands.

    The moon stands out especially in the dark. By day, the sun usually outshines it, but even then, it accompanies us. The LANGE 1 MOON PHASE makes that visible. During the daytime, the moon is depicted against a bright blue starless sky; at night, it contrasts against the dark blue heavens with 383 sparkling stars. Thus, the moon always shows itself against a realistic background that doubles as a day/night indicator. This makes it easier to set the time because it assures that the date switches at midnight and not, inadvertently, at 12 noon.

    The combination of the moon-phase display with a day/night indicator has two layers. It consists of a solid-gold celestial disc with blue gradation. The disc completes one full revolution about its own axis every 24 hours, mapping the rhythm of day and night. Against this background, the white-gold moon performs its synodic orbit in 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds with such precision that it takes 122.6 years before a correction by one day is needed.

    An exciting interplay of silvery and blue hues unfolds on the asymmetrical, argenté-coloured dial. The thermally blued steel hands and the colour-matched inscriptions harmonise with the gradated blue tones of the celestial disc. The watch features a blue alligator leather strap with a solid white-gold prong buckle.

    Like all other models of the “25th Anniversary” collection, the LANGE 1 MOON PHASE is endowed with a special movement detail: The anniversary number 25 is integrated in the manually engraved, blue-filled balance cock. As regards typography and form, it corresponds to the Lange outsize date which is set to 25 in all photos. The same number also refers to the strict limitations of all anniversary models.


    Discover the LANGE 1 MOONPHASE „25th Anniversary“ as well as the whole collection of A. Lange & Söhne in the Zurich Boutique




  • Bronzo – the original

    2011 überraschte PANERAI die Uhrenwelt mit einer Taucheruhr mit einem aus Bronze gefertigten Gehäuse. Dieses so ungewöhnliche wie faszinierende Material verändert sich im Laufe der Zeit und nimmt eine Patina an, die jedes Exemplar zu einem Unikat macht. Jetzt erscheint dieses legendäre Modell erstmals in einer Kollektion – in neuem Design mit Keramik-Lünette.

    Selten, symbolträchtig, robust und faszinierend: Mit ihrer starken Persönlichkeit eroberten sich die Bronzeuhren aus dem Hause Panerai rasch einen festen Platz in der Welt der Luxusuhren. Sie beweisen, dass Panerais Laboratorio di Idee über die Fähigkeit verfügt, Vergangenheit und Zukunft, Technologie und Design perfekt zu verbinden. Abgeleitet von diesen legendären Kreationen und zugleich frisch inspiriert, präsentiert sich die neue Panerai Submersible Bronzo als eine Uhr von besonderer Individualität, die erstmals im Rahmen einer ganzen Kollektion aufgelegt wird. Erhältlich ist sie ausschließlich in den weltweiten Panerai Boutiquen – bei uns also am Kapellplatz 9 in Luzern.

    Das massive 4 7-mm-Bronzegehäuse und die ikonische, 1955 patentierte Kronenschutzbrücke verleihen der Uhr eine markante und beeindruckende Optik. Bei dieser neuen Version wurde die drehbare Lünette mit einer mikrosandgestrahlten braunen Keramikscheibe versehen, die perfekt mit dem Braunton des Zifferblattes und dem Naturlederarmband harmoniert.

    Die im laufe der Zeit auf der Bronzeoberfläche entstehende Patina verleiht jedem Exemplar eine ganze eigene, dynamische Optik. Außerdem schützt sie die Oberfläche vor weiterer Oxidation, ohne ihre Eigenschaften zu verändern.

    Eine Wasserdichtheit von 300 Metern (30 bar) und die auch in völliger Dunkelheit deutlich lesbaren Anzeigen machen aus der Panerai Submersible Bronzo eine professionelle Taucheruhr. Die kleine Sekundenanzeige auf der 9-Uhr-Position zeigt die korrekte Funktion der Uhr in allen Situationen an, während die in eine Richtung drehbare Lünette die zuverlässige Berechnung jedes Tauchgangs ermöglicht.

    Ideal für wassersportliche Aktivitäten ist auch das Ersatzarmband aus navy-grünem Kautschuk.

    Das Manufaktur-Kaliber P .9010 mit Automatikaufzug und einer Gangreserve von drei Tagen wird von einer bidirektionalen, durch das Saphirglas-Fenster im Gehäuseboden sichtbaren Schwungmasse aufgezogen. Es zeigt Zeit und Datum an und verfügt über den bewährten Mechanismus zum schnellen Verstellen des Stundenzeigers.