Time, a Hermès product.

Hermès creates objects. Objects that are shaped by the hands of artisans to make them true companions for those who wear them. Practical, functional and of uncompromising know-how, they radiate the lightness of the unexpected. They make everyday life a playground and every instant a uniquely special moment.

For Hermès, time is also an object. The house translates its tension into a singular characteristic. Instead of measuring, arranging and controlling, Hermès dares to explore time to awaken emotions, open hidden spaces and create opportunity for spontaneity and recreation.

Discover Hermès:


Slim d’Hermès

A graceful task on the subject of aesthetic understatement and restraint: The Slim d ‘ Hermès expresses purity in motion. The superbly weighted balance between the slimness of its housing and its optimally matched diameters are the core element of this collection. Especially noteworthy is the original font of the numbers, created in the year 2015 by the typography artist Philippe Apeloig. A resolutely minimalist timepiece that is smoothly driven by the razor-thin Hermès manufactory movement H1950.

Hermès Arceau

In the year 1978 Henri d ‘ Origny designed the Arceau watch, which radiates the natural discretion of a virtuoso. Behind its classic appearance lies a skillful aesthetic approach that covers every detail. The housing, manufactured in the Hermès workshops, has curved asymmetric tabs and can be attached to the wrist with interchangeable Hermès straps. Inspired by the galloping elegance, the slanted typography of the Arabic numerals sets the bar for a resolute Hermès vision of the times.

Hermès Cape Cod

The timeless and imaginative watch of Cape Cod breaks free from all conventional aesthetic code. It was designed by Henri D ‘ Origny in the year 1991. The square in a rectangular geometry of its casing and the typography of its numerals recall the anchor chain motif. Invoking comparison with a utility item that has become a benchmark design. This line, with its sophisticated style, inspired Martin Margiela to develop the double wrapping bracelet in 1998. Its modernity is expanded with the ample availability of interchangeable Hermès bracelets.

The History of Hermès Paris

Hermès was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès in Paris. Since then, the headquarters of the family business have remained in Paris. After his saddlery apprenticeship in Germany, Thierry Hermès moved to Paris, where he opened his first shop. At that time, he fashioned high-quality equestrian gear, bridles, and saddles for horses which are still being sold today.
Since 1928, the Hermès business in Paris has been offering in-house timepieces that were equipped with movements from the largest Swiss manufactories. In 2006, Hermès opened a leather bracelet workshop and since then has been the only Maison in the watch industry to manufacture its bracelets in-house.
Over the years, the range has been supplemented by suitcases, bags, silk scarves, watches, and jewelry. Handmade and made only from the most exclusive materials, the luxury accessories are highly coveted.