Time flows.

Modern engineers reinvented the concept of representing times fluidity with liquids, inspired by the ancient Egyptians, who, around 3400 years ago measured time with water clocks. HYT combines mechanics and fluid in their wrist watches. The colored liquid stands for the recent past, the transparent liquid indicates the immediate future. There, where the two liquids meet, is a meniscus, a. k. a. the present.

Discover HYT:


H0 Collection

HYT build on the core conviction that context and content define the time and grasp the golden opportunity to go with the flow. With the new HYT H0 Collection, the avant-garde brand, easily recognizable by the use of liquid-filled tubes, is rousing that vision again. The collection is available in three different models, which all feature the characteristic minimalist look, the visual accents from a drop of water and the pebble style case design. What exactly is the pebble style? Actually, HYT renounce the bezel and the housing edge altogether and choose a crystal that envelops the side of the watch.

H2O Collection

After the successful introduction of the HYT H0 Collection on the Baselworld 2017, two more models with a new design were presented only one year later, on occasion of the SIHH 2018. The similarity to the predecessor is identifiable. The new HYT H20 is based on the continuous movement of a colored and a transparent liquid in a capillary. Also, the new design introduces further innovative features that make the watch profile genuinely unique: a bell-like sapphire crystal with a skeleton ring and Arabic numerals.

Skull Collection

Present. Unforgettable. Vital.
Focus on the power of the present, because it is the elixir of life. The Skull Collection emphasizes how essential it is to enjoy life by allowing the liquid to flow like a shadow around the skull and visually represent the elapsed lifespan. These stunning timepieces have grown into a collection. The Skull of HYT has been so successful that the brand is repeatedly launching ever more sophisticated variants.

The History of HYT

HYT is the acronym for Hydro Mechanical Horologists. As the name suggests, HYT combine mechanics and liquids in their wrist watches, making them one of the watchmakers who have fully committed themselves to the unconventional but still follow the strict rules of the Haute Horlogerie. HYT had first to overcome the laws of gravity to let this energy flow into a wristwatch. The H1 and H2 models represent a new way of measuring time, employing the ultimate watchmaking art and science expertise.