Jaquet Droz

Since its inception in 1738, Jaquet Droz has always been enthusiastic about stirring the passion in demanding lovers of complicated watches with his collections. The attractive avant-garde aesthetic determines the essence of the brand and distinguishes the timepieces of Jaquet Droz.

The Maison Jaquet Droz Watches has always combined exceptional design, materials, and know-how with unexpected mechanical refinements. The three main pillars of the brand embody their true and indomitable spirit: the Grande Seconde, the Ateliers d’ Art and the Automata.

Discover Jaquet Droz:


Astrale Collection

An ode to the creativity and recognition of Pierre Jaquet-Droz. He once created timepieces of breathtaking complexity and fascinating elegance. At first glance, it seems to be a classic line, but it is quite the opposite. Playful creativity runs through the collection like a red thread: whether decentralized seconds hand, housings of different diameters or diamond studded. Let yourself be surprised.

Grande Seconde Collection

A timeless icon! Pierre Jaquet-Droz was inspired by pocket watches and developed a well-designed concept that has survived centuries. The simple and extremely elegant complications have been produced since 1784 in the Maison.

Lady 8 Collection

A collection that no woman can easily resist. Seductive, elegant and stylish, the Lady 8 embodies the sensuality of time. Diamonds, gemstones, and minerals are inserted playfully, and there are no bounds or limits to variation options.

Petit Heure Minute Collection

Characterized by the inventive spirit and savoir-faire of the Maison Jaquet Droz. The dials are playfully distinguished by different minerals, complications, and decorations. Each limited series presents a culmination of the individual handicraft.

The History of Jaquet Droz

In the year 1738, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was the first watchmaker to open a workshop in Geneva. After the death of his wife and daughter, he focused entirely on his work as a watchmaker. However, a fateful encounter was to change his whole life, because it opened the door to an international career. His destiny’s name was Lord Marischal, Governor of the Principality of Neuchâtel. He used his relationship with the Spanish Royal Court and opened further doors to royal families in Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, and even Russia. The credit for convincing the royal houses ultimately should go to his son Henri-Louis: a brilliant inventor with extraordinary visions and enchanting creations.
Jaquet Droz watches have always combined design, materials, and know-how with the most unexpected mechanical refinements. The three main pillars of the brand embody their true and indomitable spirit: the Grande Seconde, the ateliers d ‘ Art and the Automata.