Montblanc watches combine centuries of accumulated knowledge, decades of experience, years of development and hundreds of hours of dedicated work. At Villeret and Le Locle, watchmakers have skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, incorporating their pride, passion and soul into each and every single timepiece.

Discover Montblanc:


Bohème Collection

Montblanc’s code for ladies’ watches with interpretation. The feminine complications with a moderate diameter are first-class and thoughtfully designed and underline the unobtrusive charm of these noble watches.

Heritage Chronométrie Collection

It is the collection with the most precise mechanical movement of the Maison ever created. Montblanc relies on classic lines and details in its most authentic interpretation of the art of chronometry.

Star Legacy Collection

Back in 1958, Montblanc was inspired by the extraordinary legacy of Minerva. The classic watchmaking was expanded to include a feminine component. The iconic, non-slip, bulbous crown is in line with traditional watchmaking.

Tradition Collection

Esprit and classic watchmaking are combined in every model of the Tradition collection. The collection is characterised by the striking Montblanc design as well as by the classic watchmaking artistry. The Tradition collection is for all those who love innovation but do not want to renounce elegance.

The History of Montblanc

The name Montblanc has stood for writing culture and craftsmanship for more than a hundred years. The brand’s distinctive feature is the unmistakable brand name: the white star that adorns all Montblanc products.

The watchmaking tradition of Montblanc began almost 160 years ago. Charles Yvan Robert opened a watchmaking workshop in the Saint-Irmier valley in 1858. In the 1980s, Montblanc specialised in pocket watches that could be wound by a crown – an innovation! This innovation won numerous awards at world exhibitions and it was precisely there that modern timepieces met with great public interest. Since 1858, Minerva has been demonstrating a superb level of craftsmanship and innovation, confirming the excellent reputation of pocket watches and chronographs.