The starting point of Ressence is the deconstruction of the traditional watch to define the time in the purest method. The concept is to replace the conventional hands with rotating discs. The sub-dials rotate continuously, and so does the dial to which they are attached – just like the moons around a planet.

There are now type 1, 3 and 5. The reason why only the odd numbers are used for the designation of the collections, or why type 2 and 4 were skipped is known only to the inventor himself.

Discover Ressence:


Type 1 Collection

In 2017, Ressence presented the world with their jewelry watch, the new Original by Ressence. It differs significantly from the other types and re-introduces some traditional watch code. Also, the bracelets are easily interchangeable – an innovative feature of type 3.

Type 1° Collection

The indie vision of modern Haute Horlogerie. The type 1 ° is a watch that presents time in a revolutionary way, never envisioned before by watchmakers. It combines tradition with innovation into an exceptional and fascinating vision.
The heart of this watch is ROCS – Ressence Orbital Convex System. Researchers invested several years into the planning for the prototype, and the result is impressive. The traditional art of watchmaking has been brought to its epitome and re-invented simultaneously.

Type 3B Collection

Haute Horlogerie of the 21st century! The Type3 stands at the front of watchmaking and mechanical innovation – ready to cross the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.

Type 5B Collection

The type 5 can be perfectly read underwater, regardless of the angle of view. The primary function for type 5 also remains the clear expression of time. To achieve the best possible readability underwater, all components are immersed in oil, which eliminates reflections.

The History of Ressence

Benoît Mintiens founded Ressence in 2010. Since then, Ressence has created innovative watches with untethered visions in areas of high reach. His personal fascination with innovation in time representation, he began to design a watch that should give a new face to time. He expresses this wittily with the name of the brand: “”Ressence”” – a contraction of the words Renaissance and Essence, expressing his mission: the rebirth of the fundamentals.

The modern and unmistakable design of Benoît Mintiens is evident in all models. It is delightfully different from mainstream watch design. It is assertive, minimalist and playful all at once.