Pina Rabolini was a real rebel, who rattled the traditional goldsmithing industry with modern, colorful and imaginative designs that were inspired by costume jewelry. Pomellato stands for fashionable, unconventional and colorful Italian jewelry of the luxury class. Come in and discover the fascinating world of Pomellato with us: Embassy Kapellplatz, Lucerne


M’ama non M’ama

Sparkling spots of colour for a world full of emotions. The vibrant colours radiate joie de vivre and self-confidence. The simplicity is inspired by a touch of colour and lets you immerse yourself in the world of colour.


Sparkling diamonds reflect the light rays in a wonderful way. The natural contours unite perfectly with individual character next to each other and reflect the joie de vivre of the South.


An icon since 2001, simple yet surprising in its many variations, sizes and colours. It is the epitome of the prêt-à-porter of the jewellery world.


Daring and harmony dance tango to the notes of a wonderful rhythm in dark and light tones. Plain diamond pavés make the jewels absolute eye-catchers and become creations with a sense of tact.

Pomellato History

A synonym for special creativity and colours. Pomellato was founded in 1967 in Milan out of intuition of the heirs of the goldsmith family Pino Rabolini. The Maison quickly acquired a personality in line with fashion trends and developed rapidly on the Italian market.

Pomellato is the first brand in the jewelry world to introduce the revolutionary concept of “Prêt à porter” jewelry. Jewellery that can be worn at any time of the day or night.