The art of fusion: Hublot merges the tradition of watchmaking with innovation on a grand scale. The manufactory has been producing timepieces of the highest quality since 1980, which stand out thanks to their unusual designs and material combinations. Exceptional and luxurious: Hublot knows what customers want and makes every watch dream come true.

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Big Bang

Hublot’s flagship model, the Big Bang has revolutionized the watchmaking universe with its extraordinary design. A contemporary icon, it is constantly reinventing itself – leaving room for all the technical and aesthetic daring. More than a watch: a state of mind.

Spirit of Big Bang

Hublot has adapted the spirit of Big Bang in an exclusive “barrel” shaped collection. With their clever multi-layer construction, the cases open the way to countless combinations of materials, colors and finishes.

Classic Fusion

Unique, strong and essential, the Classic Fusion collection reinterprets classic elegance with Hublot’s incomparable touch. A resolutely unique style, available in a wide variety of movements, designs, materials and colors.


Born with innovation in mind, the models of the MP collection represent the fusion between revolutionary movements and spectacular designs. Embodying pure prowess, they invite us to look at time in a new light.

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